Outrageous and Downright Disgusting! NDKC is Declaring War On Cyber Child Abuse in All Forms!

New York City, Jun 30, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - The No Dragging Kids Campaign (NDKC) currently representing 7 Nonprofit Organizations and 10 Governmental Bodies has taken up the initiative to prevent and stop online content creators from promoting and engaging in the "dragging" aka abusive/malicious acts against children on social media platforms. The "dragging" culture is Cyber Child Abuse and our intent is to put a stop to it in All forms. Some examples of these horrendous acts against children online include Cyberbullying, Doxing, Harassment, Stalking, Trafficking and Abductions. NDKC wants to ensure that children and adolescents feel safe and comfortable online. As mature adults and guardians of children, we need to be proactive and reactive to the threats posed by Cyber Child Abuse.

Cyber Child Abuse is an upgraded form of traditional child abuse. Cyber Child Abuse takes place online via social media platforms, emails and text messages. An alarming percentage of our youth are experiencing Cyber Child Abuse by way of their peers and by the negligent actions of adults. Protecting our children from the threats of online predators is an absolute must. Our children should be respected not neglected online. We can not afford to have our kids depressed nor contemplating suicidal thoughts due to unmerited online harassment. "In the words of John F. Kennedy, 'Children are the world's most valuable resource and it's the best to hope for the future." Let's unite together so that we can hinder people with ill will from infringing on the rights and innocence of our precious children.

NDKC has put together an elaborate plan of action to facilitate the necessary steps to help eradicate Cyber Child Abuse on social media platforms. Our first plan of action is to bring more awareness to these disgraceful acts. If you care about the future online health of our youth, please visit NDKC Petition to sign the petition we created to sound the alarm about the heinous acts that are taking place on various social media platforms. NDKC has started off this initiative with the social media giant YouTube but, this campaign will flourish out to all the other social media giants as well. If you would like to see the entire Campaign Overview, visit NDKC Campaign Overview. We will not tolerate the harassment of online predators towards our youth. Also, feel free to check out NDKC Main Site for further updates and a list of identified child social media predators.

Kids Are Off-Limits. It's time to take action against Cyber Child Abuse.

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