Kaur Wills Bristol Launches New Book Series On Will Writing In Bristol

May 21, 2019

May 22, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Kaur Wills Bristol recently announced the launch of a new series of books designed to help people who are in the process of writing their wills. The series covers multiple aspects of the subject and suggests complementary options for will writers to consider.

Having previously written and published the "Plain English Guide to Wills and Trusts," where Kaur Wills Bristol guides the reader through the importance of having a properly written will, the will and estate planning specialists seek ways to complement this with a new release. This new series of guide books will be designed to help those intending to make a will to better understand how they can benefit from Estate Plans, Trusts, and Lasting Power Attorneys (LPAs).

Harvinder Kaur, of Kaur Wills Bristol, spoke of the plans that the renowned company has for their releases, saying, "We are planning to publish the first book in the series in early June. It will be titled "How A Trust Can Keep The Taxman's Greedy Hands Of Your Wealth." We expect to finish the release of these guides within the near future, although we want to ensure that we cover any topic that may be relevant to the inclusion of Estate Plans, Trusts, and LPAs to a will."

Kaur Wills, known for being an extremely reliable company in the matter of will writing in Bristol, notes the importance of having a trust, a topic which will be thoroughly covered in their first book. The company says, "Trusts can be one of the most effective ways of protecting one's assets. When assets are transferred to a trust, they no longer form part of the one's property. This makes it so the trust assets cannot be seized if one gets into financial difficulties. While this is an oversimplification of the law, a lawyer with enough experience will ensure that everything goes correct if the need were to arise."

The company elaborated how taxes affect a property that has been transferred to a trust, saying, "Any asset that has been transferred into a trust is no longer considered as belonging to the original owner. The income and capital gains generated by those assets are taxed according to the rules governing the legal owner, the Trustee. This makes it so that the totality of the inheritance tax is eliminated because the Trustee would continue in existence despite the death of the original owner. Anti-avoidance legislation in the home country of the original owner, or in the location of the trust assets, may seek to counteract this outcome but a correctly structured and administered trust should produce substantial tax savings."

As this is the main topic of Kaur Wills' first guide book, the company is expected to dive further into the strategies that involve the use of trusts when it comes to will writing In Bristol. In future releases of Kaur Wills' guide books, the company will also discuss the inclusion of estate planning as a complement to one's will.

"An Estate Plan is essentially a legal way of putting your estate beyond the reach of the taxman, as the Inland Revenue can take as much as 40% of one's estate as inheritance tax," says Kaur Wills, describing one of the most effective ways to protect one's assets after passing away. They added that, "It does not have to be that way. Putting a comprehensive Estate plan in place early enough can prevent your loved ones from going through this additional and unnecessary misery."

While the premise of Kaur Wills Bristol's new series of books seems promising, they are not available to the public just yet. The company invites clients to contact them to learn more prior to the release of the following books. Clients may also engage the firm’s other services, and the company asserts that their personnel will thoroughly explain all of the options available, as well as how the relevant processes work.

More information regarding the company’s will writing services can be found at this link: Will Writing Bristol. Interested parties may also contact Harvinder Kaur of Kaur Wills Bristol, or visit the company's website and social media platforms to stay up to date with their upcoming news and announcements.


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